Drying of PA6 + PA6.6 Chips

Aquafil Engineering GmbH has a long experience in drying different polymer chips. Aquafil S.p.A., the main shareholder of Aquafil Engineering GmbH, is one of the largest European producers of PA6 polymer and BCF.

Aquafil Engineering’s continuous chip dryers are working since many years in the Aquafil production plants. They have been optimized and improved continuously to reach today’s perfection. This perfection in drying quality¬†and economy is confirmed in the past by many external customers.


  • low energy and nitrogen consumption
  • high flexibility 40-110%
  • residual moisture of Nylon 6 chips as low as 0,05% b.w.
  • extremely sharp hold up spectrum ensures the same treatment for all chips
  • heat recovery included
  • uniform low moisture

In case required the Nylon 6 dryers can be dimensioned and designed for solid state polycondensation (SSP). Relative Viscosities (RV) of more than 4.0 can be achieved.

Process Description of PA6 Dryers

The AQUAFIL Engineering dryer is a solid-bed dryer. The chips are flowing through the dryer forced by gravity. The filling of the dryer can be done by several methods according to customer request. The drying is effected by hot dry nitrogen which passes through the dryer in opposite flow direction of the chips. The dried nitrogen has a specific dew point that is required to get the required chips moisture. The circulated nitrogen leaves the dryer at the top, passes a deduster and dehumidification system, a heat exchanger and is returned to the dryer. The nitrogen required for the heating and drying of chips is completely recycled. The whole gas circuit must be gastight in order to minimize the oxygen intake. The humidity and oxygen content of dry nitrogen is measured continuously.

Continuous Nylon 6 Chips drying with pre-dryer