Filtration systems

AQUAFIL Engineering filtration systems are available for polymer filtration and filtration of gases (mist eliminators) for different processes.

Polymer Filter

The Polymer Filtration System of AQUAFIL Engineering was developed in the AQUAFIL Group. AQUAFIL Engineering polymer filter have been optimized in many years of production in AQUAFIL Group spinning and polymerization plants. The unique system of reusable filter supports and separate filter hoses extend the maintenance periods and ensures always the same operating conditions and life time.

  • Filtration surface: 0,32 – 1,7m²
  • Filtration rate: 7-80 µm
  • Pressure: 250 bar
  • Differential Pressure: max. 100 bar
  • Temperature: 320 °C
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Heating: Dowtherm vapour or liquid

Aerosol Filter – Mist Eliminator

Cleaning of process gas, waste gas or air from fine mist is our speciality. Smell adhering the mist is reduced or completely eliminated. Please see more detailed description under “Environment”.

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