AQUAFIL Engineering provides high German engineering quality, equipment and services to his customers. The strategic approach of AQUAFIL Engineering is to develop and build flexible, economic and environmental friendly plants. The AQUAFIL Engineering technologies for polyamide and polyester business make our customers competitive in the world market due to high quality of final products, reliable operations and low conversion cost.

The portfolio of AQUAFIL Engineering is split into different units with the main focus on continuous and batch polymer plants of polyamide and polyester.

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The production units in the AQUAFIL Group enable AQUAFIL Engineering to run pilot and industrial scale test of new developments before entering the customer market. Due to excellent research activities in the group and the collaboration with external companies or universities, AQUAFIL Engineering is one of the world leaders in polyamide and polyester production technology with own know-how and patents.


AQUAFIL Engineering provide chemical industrial plant engineering for own and foreign technologies. The company had been involved in former projects in all areas of chemical industry starting from material handling/storage, process and equipment engineering until environmental and sustainability aspects.

Chemical Plants


The main business of AQUAFIL Engineering is the design and engineering of polymer processes, equipment and plants. AQUAFIL Engineering is specialized in polyamide and polyester polymers with own developed and patented processes and equipment. Polymer recycling facilities or plants are today essential key factors in successful polymer production.

Polymer Plants


Aquafil Engineering supplies chips dryers in connection with their polymer plants as well as separate single units according to the request of the clients. All drying plants have excellent economics and treat the polymer in a gentle way.

Drying Plants