AQUAFIL Engineering (AE) can provide all kind of services that are needed for a chemical/polymer plant. The large range of high quality services include :

  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Supply of complete production plants (without building construction)
  • Supply of single components or plant sections
  • Supervision
  • Start-up assistance
  • Training of plant personal
  • Scale up of chemical/polymer plants and equipment

Optimization of

  • Production (capacity increase, equipment design, reliability)
  • Product quality
  • Production costs (conversion costs, reduction of utility consumptions)
  • Environmental aspects (recycling, waste water)

Procurement / After-Sales / Support

  • Chemicals or catalysts for polymer plants
  • Spare parts (limited to AE plants)
  • Quick support


  • Technical Revamping Studies
  • Feasibility Studies

Quick Support

For owners of AQUAFIL Engineering plants or customers with a service contract we are offering a special “Quick Support” Service.
After you have received your individual meeting or support code, you can connect with us over the following links: