Continuous In-Line Viscometer

equip visco

In-Line Measuring of Melt Viscometer

AQUAFIL Engineering In-Line continuous viscometer usually is installed behind the finisher reactor in Polyester- or behind VK-tube in PA6-polymerization plants, measuring directly the viscosity of the polymer melt without further delay.

The signal of in-line continuous viscometer may be used for information only or can be used for process control (e.g. for vacuum (viscosity) control of the finisher).

Measuring method

Delta-P of temperature controlled orifice

  • Installation in polymer line
  • Comes with complete panel
  • Delivery includes in-outlet stop valve


  • In line process and quality control, no waiting for laboratory result
  • Own control system (comes with own panel for measuring and drive)
  • Data transfer to DCS or other process sections
  • Independent heating system, therefore no influence on viscosity measurement due to change of process parameters (temperature, flow, pressure)
  • No loss of polymer, due to back-flow to process
  • Can be installed, removed or maintained during operation

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