Continuous In-Line Viscometer

equip visco

In-Line Measuring of Melt Viscometer

AQUAFIL Engineering In-Line continuous viscometer usually is installed behind the finisher reactor in Polyester- or behind VK-tube in PA6-polymerization plants, measuring directly the viscosity of the polymer melt without further delay.

The signal of in-line continuous viscometer may be used for information only or can be used for process control (e.g. for vacuum (viscosity) control of the finisher).

Measuring method

Delta-P of temperature controlled orifice

Installation in polymer line
Comes with complete panel
Delivery includes in-outlet stop valve


In line process and quality control, no waiting for laboratory result
Own control system (comes with own panel for measuring and drive)
Data transfer to DCS or other process sections
Independent heating system, therefore no influence on viscosity measurement due to change of process parameters (temperature, flow, pressure)
No loss of polymer, due to back-flow to process
Can be installed, removed or maintained during operation

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