AQUAFIL S.p.A. has developed a large range of compounds of PA 6 and PA 66 for moulding and extrusion, marketed under different tradenames.

Masterbatch Production Units

AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH is marketing polyamide and polyester masterbatch production units. A masterbatch production unit is interesting for all companies that are using masterbatch chips frequently and in high amounts in their spinning or film facilities.

Masterbatch Injection Units

Masterbatch injection units are using masterbatch chips which are molten in an extruder and injected into the polymer melt line which is coming directly from the polymerisation respectively polycondensation plant.

Masterbatch Drying Units

To achieve the best quality yarn it is required to have a low and uniform residual moisture content of masterbatch chips. For this propose AQUAFIL Engineering has developed its own drying technology which is very economical and reliable compared to the standard drying processes. For further information, please check chapter Drying Units.