AQU-RACY® Gravimetric Chips Dosing

GA Chips

The AQU-RACY® dosing unit was developed by AQUAFIL Engineering to meet the high requirements of the AQUAFIL Group. All factories of the group are working with AQU-RACY® for dosing of Masterbatch chips to different applications. Since the successful launch in AQUAFIL Group production, AQUAFIL Engineering has sold the AQU-RACY® dosing unit all over the world.

Aquafil Engineering

The AQU-RACY® dosing unit can be used in general for all kind of granules.

Anyhow most of the customers are using the dosing unit for Masterbatch chips.

AQUAFIL Engineering dosing unit (AQU-RACY®) has the following process features:

  • Gravimetric dosing, chips dimension not as critical as in volumetric dosing
  • Gas tight dosing unit, required for operation under Nitrogen blanking
  • Standard material for product contact and housing is stainless steel
  • No moving or rotating parts – no maintenance required, no danger of screw break or jamming
  • Simple control system
  • Data transfer to other process section

General features using a masterbatch system:

  • Only basic polymer has to be stored and conveyed, product modifications are made at the single spinning extruder by adding the master chips
  • High production flexibility, product changes can be made at once
  • Larger variety of products can be produced in a simple way
  • Low waste while changing the product
  • Small quantities of special products may be produced
  • Gravimetric
  • Gastight
  • Continuous
  • Microprocessor controlled

Accurate dosing for any masterbatch directly at the extruder inlet.

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