AQUAFIL ONE-Reactor Polycondensation Plant

AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH (Berlin, Germany) after intensive research work is the first company world wide that is offering the 1-Reactor polycondensation plant for different Polyester product applications. In this process the AQUAFIL UPR® reactor is producing a viscosity in the range of IV 0,2-0,4 that can be cutted with a pelletizer into normal or very small chips sizes under 1,5 mm. In a simplified solid state polycondensation (SSP) the chips are brought to the required final viscosity of 0,64-1,00 for different applications. The most advanced technology of AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH has lower oligomer content, less AA formation and lower thermal degradation and stress to the polymer. The economical advantages of the process, better product quality and the lower investment cost are unique.

For further information, please contact Berlin headquarter.