Batch Polyamide Plants

For modified Polyamide 6 polymers or for low production capacities the batch polymerization process is advisable.
A fast change of product specification is possible and the production can be stopped and started at any time.
The batch polymerization can be engineered with batch or continuous extraction and batch or continuous drying of chips.

The lactam water concentration plant is similar as for the continuous process.
Batch polymerization lines are offered up to 2,5t/b and up to 6 b/d, depending on the viscosity.

The batch polymerization process can be used for the production of Polyamide polymer of different applications like textile, BCF, technical and compounding products.



  • modified polymer production
  • fully automatic
  • simple design
  • high flexibility
  • low energy / utility consumption
  • continuous extraction and drying / SSP possible