Polyamide Recycling

LDR® Process

The LDR® (Lactam Direct Recycling) process of AQUAFIL Engineering is the most efficient and worldwide unique recycling system to recover the CPL water in the polymerization unit. The concentrated CPL water is reused in the polymerization and the clean water is reused in extraction, thus avoiding process waste water.

The LDR® process is operated since decades in AQUAFIL and customers Polyamide 6 production plants. AQUAFIL Engineering has standard lactam water concentration units with 3.000, 4.000, 6.000 and 12.000 kg/h water evaporation, but is also able to design an unit according to the request of the customer.



The LDR® process combines the advantages of:

  • 100 % Caprolactam usage due to total recycling of extractable
  • low energy and utility cost
  • simple plant design and operation
  • no process waste water
  • no air pollution

The process is available for all polymer qualities. With the newest innovation, the High Quality-LDR® (HQ-LDR®), also highest class polymer grades like tire cord, film, foil and high performance textile yarns can be produced.

If it is requested, instead of direct recycling, the concentrate can be polymerized in a separate polymerization line for the production of engineering plastics.