Continuous Polyamide Plants

AQUAFIL Engineering GmbH (AE) provides its own know-how and/or production know-how of the group companies for

  • Complete new plants
  • Plant revamping
  • Partial plants
  • Reactors
  • Engineering
  • Know-How

Product and Process

According to the customer required products and capacities, AQUAFIL Engineering offers batch as well as continuous polymerization plants. The plants can produce Nylon 6 polymer for texile and technical yarns, BCF, engineering plastics or film.

The process starts either from liquid or solid caprolactam (CPL). The plant includes the CPL melting, 2- or 3-stage polymerization, strand or under-water cutting, 1- or 2-satge extraction, chips drying with or without solid state polymerization (SSP) and chips conveying and storage.

Chemical Plants

The polyamide 6 reaction process is completed with approx. 90% conversion rate. The remaining percentage CPL and oligomers are concentrated in a multi-stage concentration plant and completely recycled back into the process.

The recycling process is called Lactam Direct Recycling Process (LDR®) and is one of the key features and innovation of AQUAFIL Engineering.

The continuous plants can be designed for capacities up to a single line capacity of 200 mt/d per line.